once upon a time

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One single moment in time our
World stood still, and then
Little boy, drifting in free flight
Caught the early Morning light,and
Stained our world with darkness.

Why did men carry in the wombs of
Their minds such total insanity
That "they" let little boy fall
One wonders did they laugh or did
The closing of a city's eyes cause
Them any remorse, answer, must be no.
"They" let go of big boys hand.

And then we have "they" who are they:-{Politicians}
Who declared, it would win a war.
Elected "by the people" did they tell
The people, we have just destroyed
Twin city's of dreams to achieve victory.
One world, one race, the human race
Carried out this terrorist act,

Did they close their eyes against the flash,
As the innocents ceased to exist.
Did "they" sift the ashes of Hiroshima, and
Nagasaki, one world, our world must ask
Future generations was the price worth
That enduring shadow on the wall.
The mahattan Project has laid waste to, one world.  

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