Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Specialized Technician

The whale has no
Adaptability; it
Cannot walk on land,
And you cannot grow
A heart.

Fevered bad dreams
Littered with lust
And greed sandwiched
Me between my own
Code of conduct.

I play by the rules,
Lurking in insomnia
To ignore the girth
Of your actions, yet
You find me in my

A technician who
Specializes in
Manipulation, I see
Your inner workings.
Oblivious to your own
Rude appearance, it is
Sad that I must dismiss you.

The aftermath is your
Own green jealousy and
Yellow cowardice, staining
Your teeth and fingernails.
How ugly a true beauty can be.

Unburdened, I weep for
Those you've fooled.
The pressure is too much,
I cut the ribbon,
I am done.

Though far from being
Normalized, I grasp a
Lightening rod of hope.
Because even the sun
Shines rainbows on
Rainy, grey days.

The illusion hits me
Out of nowhere, a sniper's
Shot sending white smoke
Signals to stall the
Feelings of regret.

There is nothing to regret,
I'm reckless, see you on the other side.


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Specialized Technician

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