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Theisms (revised)

it was all in the name of idols,
or prophets or mystics or seers;
as for the voice of reason
it seems nobody hears.

the holy wars were raging
though under other names;
whatever god they worshipped
the brutality was the same.
there is no god the atheist said,
the agnostic said he wasn't sure,
the humanist couldn't understand
thoughts of a concept so obscure.

and the warriors of the conflicts,
convinced they had to kill
to practice their interpretation of
their own just god's peculiar will,
said death to all the unbelievers
and those of different creeds
our type of virtuous cleansing
is what this bad world needs.

the atheist agnostic humanist
paid for what they had said
for the virtuous faithful went
and shot them all in the head
and when the field was cleared
no one thought it rather odd
when they started killing each other
each in the cause of a merciful god.

they threatened burning books
and other religious texts
and when they burn books
what on earth comes next
and the religious fanatics
still kill and disfigure and maim
secure in their belief
its all done in their god's name

and the poor gave their tythes
and the religious buildings grew
and the thousands years old doctrines
have no room for thought that's new.

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Theisms (revised)