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We try in our own lives to please others
Never wanting to disappoint any of them
We will go out on a limb to please most

There were times when I shouldn't have
But I took risks to keep promises made
During my tour it happened many times

There were times when it wasn't safe
But I promised to visit the orphans
Even if the road was deemed too risky

Yet I had made a promise so I risked it
A buddy decided to ride shotgun with me
With his M-16 and pistol at the ready

Smiling little faces were waiting for us
And they cheered as we pulled up there
Knowing we had candy and other goodies

There were times I'd promised to go flying
I had volunteered to drop Chu-Hoi lealets
From one of our low flying Psyc-ops planes

This too was not required of me to do there
But a promise made by me was a promise kept
And keeping my word was always priority one

And despite any of the dangers we'd faced
To me it was worth it to have taken the risk
For it helped the kids, the pilots and also me

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

These orphaned kids helped me keep my sanity and helped
the days to pass by faster during my own tour of duty and
I also was glad for the opportunity to help those special
pilots that had pulled strings and sometimes just looked
the other way just so I could get in some flight time on a
Saturday or even a Sunday afternoon. I had always loved
flying in small aircraft ever since high school when I'd
joined the Civil Air Patrol and had learned how to be a
flight observer on search and rescue flights where we'd
search for an overdue or missing civilian aircraft. I was
always happy to get any chance at all to be able to go up
there flying patrols over the Cambodian border and to also
throw out those Chu-Hoi leaflets that told the enemy that
if they surrendered, they would be given safe passage in
our area of operations and that they wouldn't be hurt or
killed if they would surrender. It was always great thrill
to get a pat on the back or a hand shake from these brave
pilots and to have them tell me that I'd done a great job
helping them out. But again too I was even more proud of
the fact that I had personally kept every promise that I
had made over there and that everyone knew that I could be
counted on in any and every situation over there. It also
established my own life long reputation and my integrity
which is something that all the money in the world could
never buy from me.

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