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 A Few facts about our peace living Muslims in the USA!

There are approximately five to eight million Muslims the USA.
(Tell me, that there's no home grown terrorist among this large
growing population...right!)
There are approximately 1200 to 1500 Mosques through out the USA!
That means that there are millions of Korans in the USA!
How many legal bibles do you think is in Saudi Arabia,
Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.? (You guessed it…
None legally!)
How many Christian churches are there in Saudi Arabia?
(You guessed it...none!)
Where in the bible dose it say that we should stone women
to death for infraction of biblical laws? No where,
because it does not!
Sharia is God's law, derived from Mohamed, himself!
Which makes it legal to flog, death by stoning, female
circumcise, etc, etc.
This is barbaric and primitive way to treat human beings, to say the least!
Yet, the Muslims in this USA and all over the world want us to be tolerant
of their religion. (Why should we be?) If they are so quick to kill their own
 under Shari law, what chance do you think we have with these fanatic killers?

Muslims radicals in the USA are growing cancers that will eventual kill this nation
as we know it!  We are sticking our heads in the sand and tolerating a devout
enemy ideology to proliferate, and gain strength. One day we will wake up to
find that they have a foot hold in our government and will start making demands
toward changing  our laws and way of life!  This "Fifth Column" have at lest thirty
five known radical training camps through out the U.S.! To the best of my knowledge,
nothing is being done to prevent these camps from operating!

Life in this country as we know it will definitely be different with a Muslim
mosque on every corner and Muslim fantastical gangs on every street!
My opinion on this subject in the past has been called racist, radical and
flammable among other things.  I am neither a racist nor radical.
I am simply an American that loves his country!
 If I can awaken ten people to the dangers of this fast growing,
radical ideology in our country and they in turn pass it on to ten more,
then I will feel like I have served my country in the only manner at my disposal!

Wake up America!

 By: Jackie R. Kays © 9/11/10

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