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Saturday Night Slow Hand Blues

The Young Bucks and the Fillies
Are gathering up the town
Laughing and a bragging as
They strut their stuff around.
And the Old Bucks in the bar
Like my mate Jim and me
Enjoy our cool beers
And smile at what we see.

You can see the uncertainty
On many a Young Buck's face
As he sizes up the competition
While jostling for his place.
And some of them will win
But most of them will lose
And one day they'll realise
It's the Filly who will choose.

And me and Jim know,
ĎCos we've seen it all before,
No matter what they do
We've done and maybe more;
And us Ex Bucks in the bar
Know and understand
Like the song says, sometimes
You need a slow and steady hand.

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Saturday Night Slow Hand Blues