once upon a time

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They remain kids, we sent them off
To war torn lands, and when they returned
We the adults buried them deep in the grounds of
Their childhood Towns, and there they remain, always kids.
In this our world, peace is deemed an absurdity:-WHY.

We judge, we condemn, we destroy all, and everyone
Who will not think as we do, do, as we do, kill as we do.
Who are we; we are the people of all nations under god
 Call him by any name you wish, Thou shalt not kill is
A commandment of all the entities we care to name.
Why then if we call upon God are we still burying the kids deep?
In the cold, cold ground, instead of nurturing them.
When I condemn you, you, you, I am pointing at myself.
I am to blame because, I am you, the destroyer of innocent kids.
It's easy this killing, we let our elected representative call the shots.
Decide who we should let our kids kill, and then when our kids are dead
We can condemn those people who sent them of to war torn lands.
After all it was not "we the people" can't blame us, you our politician killed our kids.
We disguise ourselves as responsible adults, and we bury the kids.

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