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they were
fossils in life.
locked in the past.
relics trying to make
it last.
vampire man.
vampire girl.
a dark duet
two fallen skyscrapers
in a crumbling world.
vampire lover
eternal friend
waits for him to return
again and again.
he will
come back when
he's done the town
or the town's undone him.
leave life not to the god's unrighteous
still its true,
the gangly crowd
has done him in.
somehow these two,
they have their lack.
yet skillfully they smell,
they follow
old familiar tracks.
perhaps if only
perhaps if only thus,
they could live, could love
make the old wrong things just.
change their time
to another day.
rediscover another lost country.
reclaim memory,
evolve again, not fade away
instead of laying in the coffins
where they have laid.
though long time has
dulled their brains,
surely they could reach up
and feel the rain,
touch the once familiar fabric face
of the sky.
and not be humbled,
persistently asking the words of why?
not to mumble frequent wormwood lies.
they must learn to cloak their fears
failure comes only when others
hear your cries.
but sometimes often tears
then leave like ghosts
and die like flies.
yes, they have eaten
unholy communion
more than most.
and they crave the taste
of sullen soul,
a simpering of blood,
an unholy toast.
yet in prayers they've proclaimed
make her, make him whole.
wipe clean the blackened mold of vitriol.
they weary of the eternal wait
they weary of their dire straits.
they have sinner's dreams
but lack the ragged hem of sleep.
they seem to be
traveling between
their unsteady thumbs.
each day grins green
a thief
with saliva-ed gums.
mince-mouthed mercy smile
and look down
set her frigid face not in a frown?
supply then re-animate?
surely these revenants
require, deserve some better fate?
and could crusty fate
and unbend the rusted screw?
unstake the spur?
do more than simply make do?
slake their swollen thirst
declare the worst
will not occur.
it is over.
it is done.
victory by her throat
tether them whole
to make them one.

One for Halloween.

Nothing wrong with getting your dark side out. BUT Watch out for the long shadow.

Not necessarily about vampires, but real life. Yeah, you know what a metaphor is.
October 5 2010/Copyright
Melissa A Howells....I made this.

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