~*`Welcome To 'My Never Ending Circle Of Love`*~... ..`By `Janie/mjfb1954`

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 ~*~` ISLAND OF DREAMS`~*~ {Redesigned}


The dreams that live in my heart
were so very
precious of you
You gave them to me
when I was oh so lonely
and blue,
Our time together will live on
for all of
Now that you are flying with angels
 above the sea..


Memories of our wedding here
on our island
of dreams
Haunts my every hour we spent
under moonbeams,
I miss the tenderness of the
love you
shared so deep
Always singing our love songs
the times
I couldn't sleep..


You told me to go on loving life
the best way
that I can
That I must believe in the love
of another
 honorable man,
Time is short before we are able
to meet
once more
As there is no time frame
for gathering on
God's paradise shore..


I know you meant well
in your concern of
my loneliness
But my darling how can
I ever forget
our togetherness
Your love was all that
kept me strong
 and unafraid,
Now I can hardly carry on
in darkness
when time
to down the shade..


"" MY Words Are Not Empty
When I
 Speak Of You !"
For my darling , my heart
will always
 carry  your love so true,
Even though many different
kinds of love dwells
 within one's heart
There is always truth
 in memories  
for another start.

VIDEO: ~` I Wanna Fall In Love`~
~*Chris Isaak*~


`Never Ending Circle Of Love`


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