once upon a time


I cannot weep any tears of remorse for America.
They have stolen and raped carte-blanche throughout our world of emerging economies.  
Now they stand with their sword of Damocles hanging, whilst wily
Politicians twist and turn that delicate thread.
Creating with slight of hand, the illusion of China and Asia, taking all
from the ordinary Joe of America.  Not letting on that
their self-seeking capitalists are reaping the benefits.
Those golden years when all was good and spend, spend, spend
was the order of the day.  

Waste, no such word, throw it away. Get another.  
Another what, who cares?   Just spend.
It helps the economy, people starving overseas, not our problem.
We are America, land of the free and now we are free, free to
endure poverty at 43 percent of our spend - spend economy.

The government talks about the now, the stimulus, stumbling
around trying to fashion a new deal.  
There is no new deal in sight.
Our manufacturing industries such as Dell, need we ask why it
invested 100 billion in China, leaving behind any thought of America.

After all, "profit", that’s the bottom line in American speak, not piety.
Or love of country, don’t speak nonsense, honour god and America.
Leave that to the masses, it’s a euphemism part of the sleight of hand.
To confuse and deceive.  

If you the people want your country back, look to your past.  
Remember you do not need to beseech or wring your hands.
Plead and cringe: STOP!
Demand, protest, before your politicians sell A M E R I C A.

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