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They were byproducts of a terrible war
From newborns to kids just barely ten
They were left to fend for themselves

Sometimes they would pick your pockets
They could grab your watch off your wrist
As fast as a hot knife through butter

They'd sell their looted items from GI's
Then buy food for those younger orphans
They were caught right in the act one day

Wasn't cops or even GI's that caught them
It was the Catholic nuns in Can-Tho City
They were busted by these nuns right away

They took them all back to the orphanage
They would provide them food and shelter
In return they had to help out there too

They helped care for the younger ones
And promised not to steal from anyone
They were schooled and they were safe

In the end they helped many of us too
To see past all the negatives of war
And to see who we were fighting for

We were inspired to help these kids
Some guys helped to provide security
Some helped the nuns with supplies

I got my hometown to become involved
They had a clothing and a toy drive
Some sent diapers and care products

No matter what they did to help us out
It made us feel good to know they cared
We saw our actions were saving lives too

You knew you were really helping the kids
And we heard them all laughing out loud
This was something they had never known

They saw we were not the monsters there
The VC had told them terrible stories
Most were scared to death of us at first

They soon saw for themselves the truth
We were doing everything we could there
To help make their lives so much better

When it came time for me to leave Vietnam
I was sad and I was worried for them all
These kids were what got me through it all

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - All Rights Reserved.

It is always sad when I hear someone saying terrible things about
us Vietnam Veterans or about others who risked their own lives to
help save the innocent people who were the victims in wars fought,
they will attack people, places or things that they have really no
credible knowledge of in this world. America does have many people
in this world of ours who hate us for their own personal reasons
or for issues that they have in their own lives. But when they say
that we had shot at or killed helpless babies just because they'd
cried and were very annoying to us, well that is about as sick as
anyone of these individuals can get in life. Then they call all of
their own ranting's about us as the absolute truth which is beyond
any credible belief to any civilized human being. They are all just
pathetic individuals who really have no clue as to the real truth
because these fools and morons were never there, but we certainly
were and they can't really know the truth or they just choose not
to understand what the Red, White & Blue has always stood for. So
I just ignore their remarks and hope that God helps these fools to
someday see just how twisted and sick their own views were of all
of us who had risked our own lives everyday while we did our jobs
and while we were trying to save these little helpless orphans.


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