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Going across the mountain on a rainy afternoon;
Seeing the forest, looking at the mellow colors.
This dry summer has subdued the fall foliage;
Mountains full of unexciting shades of brown.

The gray overcast sky, fog coming down low;
My windshield wipers slapping away the mist.
Dulled by the scenery, or the lack thereof;
The woods peer at me in shades of brown.

A glimmer of something catches my attention;
I look again at the mountain, I see something new.
The colors of fall in yellows, gold, rust, and green;
Along with a pallet full of different shades of brown.

The mountain before me overtakes my soul subtly.
Expecting to be overwhelmed by the spectacular,
Almost missed by my misguided sense of beauty.
Lovely is this moment, defined by shades of brown.


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