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Walking the tightrope, working without a net;
Not one tiny slip, as perfection is fully required.
Working in compliance with natures laws of gravity;
Able to center myself, at least for this moment.
Seeing in my mind's eye, the two opposite ends;
Walking to the middle, seeking to feel the balance.

Hope, joy, peace; all reside from within the heart;
I see my emotions sitting there, the box is open.
I breathe, listen to my heart slow down… stillness;
Opening my senses to their full expressions of love.
Kindling the coals, adding on another piece of wood.
Life is flowing past me, I relax and find my balance.

No matter the storm, no matter the turbulence;
Sensing from my depths that calm, cool center.
Love lifts me above the stumbling blocks of life;
Enabling me to find a place to put down my roots.
Reaching deep, digging into the earth with my toes;
Finding that peaceful center, a place of balance.


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