once upon a time

A child is born today.
Lilyana is her name.
She entered our world without a cry.
Looking beautiful, smooth as a soft rose petal.

Gently held by her mother who bore her so bravely.
Her eyes wide open, you would think she knew it all.
Cameras flashing but she ignored them.
Feed me, hold me, and lay me down.
Lilyana gently took over her parents world

Weighing in at seven pounds, five ounces and twenty inches in length.
The joy of her filled that room with newborn life.
Nothing can ever be the same.
Lilyana shall grow into a beautiful rose.

Since that one moment in time when she fluttered as a petal into life
Her mum and dad's lives changed.
Holding her in their arms, falling in love
With their wonderful newborn baby, Lilyana.

Your grandad John and nana Gerry
Wish you a long and happy life.
May God keep you and bless you always.

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