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Norman Wisdom, 1915 – 2010

A bus ride from the village
to that little seaside town
and the old Star cinema
certainly long closed down.
Another piece of our past
seemingly casually swept away,
maybe even demolished
for there is a library there today.

That old Star cinema
with its big silver screen
gave us a sort of entry
into worlds not before seen;
and Norman Wisdom up there
making me laugh until I cried,
couldn't hold back those tears
No matter how hard I tried;
that sad crumpled little man
in checkered suit and cloth cap
wandering through his world
of mishap after mishap.

And back in the village
we told what we'd seen
to all the other kids not
lucky enough to have been.
Memories roll back to mind
with the news that he is gone;
another vital part of my past
as the world moves inexorably on.

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Norman Wisdom, 1915 – 2010