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How my love grew into silence
In the quietening meadows of time;
A great beauty found its home in you,
Playing its sacred music in your heart,
Luminous and enchanting in your eyes.
No matter what the world throws at me,
Doubt, skepticism or emptiness of soul
I will find something to treasure in you,
Something that is real and worth discovering,
Fresh as dawn at every precious moment.

I discovered a secret in your presence
And all fear dissolved into memory
Until like mist it gave way to sunlight
And all life's magic returned to me
Shimmering in the warmth of endless days
Like angels seen through stained glass windows
My mind drenched in countless colours
My life flowing into the ocean of endless fire;
Feeling my Spirit so hungry for compassion,
So in need of a tenderness that inspires
That gives our very being wings to reach Heaven.

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