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his-story  and our history

his-story  and
our history  
{to Benjamin, I love you.}

I remember a day when I
neglected my place and
wondered into yours
you allowed me to unveil
and I began to help cleanse the goodness that
was camouflaged by fright
hidden, was your heart
during all this
I discover landmarks too similar to mine
your past, like mine…
your present, like mine…
…your place,
like mine?...

is it true?
one can walk into an Italian restaurant
on an off day, not knowing anyone,
and leave security and comfort, not knowing why?
not knowing what? Or how? But knowing
that some things string together mysteriously
for a better cause?...

it's true,
friends come and go,
but best friends are hard to leave
whether we choose to stay
whether we choose to go
our impact on each other's lives
has given an eternal imprint to our hearts,
to our histories

old memories lie, and new memories are optional
but you, my love,
are an unforgettable acquaintance
an ordained coincidence
orchestrated, arranged, and destined…

and after years of creative friendship
and unforgettable love
we hold each other's hands,
and anticipate the day when we learn
what is under everything that conceals
the future…

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his-story and our history