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 My Trip October 2010

I just went on a one-day bus tour
Everyone had a great time for sure
The bus had a squeaky window shrill
At least we arrived home safely still

Overland Park, Kansas our destination
Dinner and live theatre full of jubilation
Food was delicious with lots of variety
Dessert, I skipped, everyone had plenty

Drama and comedy of The Sunshine Boys
Filled with laughs every minute to enjoy
Yet there were also lessons throughout
About realities of growing old, no doubt

Play began with Clark watching some TV
Then screen went blank with nothing to see
Clark mistakenly unplugged it from the wall
But his memory was fading very fast overall

Willie Clark and Al Lewis once had a comedy act
But did not get along now after years, it was a fact
CBS wanted to restore their well-known routine
For the current generation of viewers to be seen

After Clark's nephew arranged to get them together
It was an ongoing battle of fighting with each other
Willie suddenly changed their famous script within
After knock, he said “enter” instead of “come in”

Lewis set up the chairs and table for rehearsal
But Clark moved everything in a total reversal
Nothing either of them did would pass the test
Then Clark got very sick and needed bed rest

Clark's nephew said he could no longer live alone
Stay with his family or go to a retirement home
Clark made up his mind and agreed to the latter
Lewis going too, Clark was silent in the matter

The play ended with them arguing about names
People who had died, never to agree just the same
Then the curtain closed, and the actors came out
Final bows, worthy of applause, without a doubt

© Carol Salter 10/7/10

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