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 Running With a Friend

On a warm Autumn evening, not long before sunset;
I am mindlessly running on a treadmill in the gym.
A friend draws my attention, so I stop the machine,
And ask her if she is in the mood to run outside.
She smiles and says ”I'm not too fast, but I'd love to.”
We begin running out of the parking lot of the gym,
Looking for rabbits in the fields as we run gently.
Our conversation spans life, nature, and friendship;
As we move smoothly down the road as the sun sets.
A light warm breeze creates a mood of joy for us;
Our pace is slow, but we don't care; we are having fun.
A rabbit crosses, “Did you see him?” we each ask;
As the sky turns exciting with reds, purples, and mauve.
“It is a beautiful evening” she says as enter the parking lot,
We smile and say thank you; we have shared a slice of life.
Another moment to put into my treasure chest in my soul;
As I shared a precious moment running with a friend.


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