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 Completely Awake
in all the world I wonder
I wonder who all is awake
for each day I become more aware
more alive
my vision is more clear
as to the deceit
the endless banter called knowledge that has been passed in front of our eyes for so very long

I am angered
my blood boils as if fire were running through my veins
it is as if the past generations thought not about the circumstances involving their decision
to be slaves
to be passive
and submissive
it is as if there was not one iota of understanding among even the greatest of minds
or no one with heart enough to stand against the lies
now the lies are far too encompassing
in fact truth is a rarity
the greater population would rather hear the lie
because they know no better
it is how they have been raised

as these days tick by
and it becomes even more so apparent to those that cannot yet see
(the blindness comes from a mediocre existence in which the person has always had enough or more than enough provided for them and they have never had to think of how the machine rolls...)
mediocre is the safety net
do what is expected
say the cliches provided as intelligence
and suffer little or none
but brave warriors shall arise
to end this sickness of the mind
this disease implanted by a defeated force
one so contrary to itself it cannot exist without billions suffering
the people are twisted
they worship money and things
they worship their own slavery by praying for the jobs which cause them to be mediocre
they lie and call this God in which they pray to
the truth is if they are not their own god
they are warshipping the deceiver and failure
these are 2 entirely different beings from which ALL subjects come forth

I raise my head to breathe fresh air
yet no air is fresh
there is a reason for this
I search my heart for love for these slaves that hate the truth
and there is none
I begin to stir within a force I have understanding of only minutely
and the reasons for my concern are the future
you see,
everything has been lied about so no one will stand and fight for truth
everything has been fabricated to protect the evil one, it's ALL a lie
the television tells you how to dress, whom to love, where to go, and how to eat
the being behind it all has you under his control
it isn't God, not the God of ALL creation
but it is a powerful force
one that is easily defeated if just left alone

maybe the truth survive another generation
may these words strike reasoning into someones heart
into someones mind
into someones desire
for the truth
and the end of the hypocritical, evil rule

if you wonder how to distinguish them from each other
they are the most successful, most rich, popular of the popular

and their soul was traded for this millenia ago
they are the same fores in place
containing you in a false world
a world of make-believe
a world of lies
this should ANGER you
this should make you despise liars
this should make you taste blood
for their blood shall soon be spilled
upon the foundation of their great lies
into the world is coming something much more tyrannical than even our political leaders
it will not be long

once the make-believe world is shattered
many shall go insane
for they have never truly lived
they have but stumbled in a daze to the pretend ideas they were told by the tv or the radio
and their doctors (employed by the FDA) prescribing them all the poisons they love
this death trip, evil, monotonous ride is coming to a halt
it's time to sort the zombies from the living
it's time also to level the playing field
it's time to lessen their numbers

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