Reflections of My Heart

All Because I Dared To Care ღ KKD ღ

All Because
I Dared To Care

Well since you were sixteen
you finally got what you wanted
I'm left on the outside
alone and haunted

Your vicious poisonous tongue
has spewed its last
But who really knows, many times
I thought it was the end in our past

From my womb I can not believe you came
the evil that lives with in your tormented soul
To shut me out and cause me pain
has been your life long goal

You have spun your children
into your web of evil
I pray God's forgiveness
for this, your life long battle

My heart you have crushed
and painted me black
My family no longer sees
the care they also lack

This is the second time
my grandchildren you have taken from me
That is the deepest hurt
for me to ever see.

But then you knew
the pain it would cast
Just as you did
in the past

Your sister calls hurt and distressed
over your words and that of your young
Yet I sit in silence not repeating a word
of the hurt that was done

I tell her to just let it go
for She is who she is and always will be
Her children know no better
they have nothing different to see

Yet you draw each one in
just like a pack of animals
Wishing to rip the flesh from my bones
in this your life long battle

Your control I will never understand
except if crossed your wrathe will be given
But if not for me setting you Straight
today you would not be living

You insist on holding against me
what cost your family so
But today you breathe
and have a life is all I care and know

So you will do what you do
as will I in my days remaining
From your life I have been cast out
no longer part of the living

I give up the quest
of so many years
No more sleepless nites
No more painful tears.

Your knife has been plunged
in my heart for the last time
If there is ever to be anything of us
there will be a different walked line

I will forever love you
even beyond the last breath I take
I pray upon bended knee
for You and I and it not be too late

From your life you have shut me out
Your door I will no longer rap upon
This dreaded day has come
Its time for this pain to be gone...

All Because I Dared to Care.....

ღ KKD ღ

Original by
Donna DeLong Matthews
(All rights reserved)
October 2010

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