The Unfairness Of Angels 
  matthew Bartram

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 A Greed

A Greed
starts from a tiny seed
It grows and spreads like germs
Governed by it's own terms
A Greed can make you blind
It's the fungi of human kind

A greed has no shape or colour
It's unlike any other
It's not an emotion, it's not a thought
Ironically, A greed can't be bought
A greed is taken, harvested  and sold
Then we watch it all unfold

A greed is beyond desire and wanting
It's a spirit addicted to haunting
The darkest corners of our minds
Forging pardons for our crimes
A laughable forgiveness
A tainted witness

A greed is the difference in humanity
What separates you and me
The life-force of our society
A greed is greedy
Always so eager to agree
But that's differences of a d'

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