Tattoos in Mayberry

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Thug is a  chewer just like his grandpappy.
A chewer of cud, as sure as you and me.
when Thug is chewin cud, best leave him be
or he might chew off your leg, boil it in chutney.
Thug, Thug, chews his cud.
Thug, Thug,
Thug of Cud.
Now Thug is a chewer not unlike his grandmammy.
A chewer of cud, best you'll ever see.
When Thug chews cud, Glory be he.
dumb strunk, chewin cud,
in the sloo, bayou of Mississippi mud
Thug, Thug,
Thug of Cud.
Thug Thug,
Thug Of Cud.

Copyright October 10th 2010 / Sunday
Buddy Bee Anthony

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Thug Of Cud