once upon a time


Is this all we can do - stand and watch as the lights grow dim?
Who can we blame?  Who threw the switch?
Who manipulated it that the Western world would grow dark one day, one month at a time?
Now we see in the dusk all the factories are gone.
Nothing left to live on, only dust in our lives.

But "they" say pay your mortgage, pay your rent.
We need to demand switch on the lights and take back the work.
Living in darkness created by big moneyed corporations.
"They" who with malice threw the switch and watched without care as our lives run into utter despair.
Yet deny we ask any remit on their decision to throw the switch.

Demand we stand quietly aside with begging bowl in hand.
Suppliments pleading, have mercy.
They have us on our knees.
We must arise, ask why the switch was thrown on the western dream.

Is it because those with plenty cast greedy eyes on beleaguered people?
Went  East and sought larger profits, haven’t enough in their coffers.
We can only watch in despair thinking, when will they throw the switch on the many varied people of the east?
Then without regret turn out the light and plunge the world into a long dark night.

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