once upon a time

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What right has man to judge, and stone

A woman to death. Such bad behaviour

She expressed.

Improperly dressed,

And with, horror of horrors, talking

With a man not related. The Mullahs

Don’t want women to be angels, just good slaves.

Wear your niqaab, stay at home, and don’t answer back.

You are inferior;

The fundamentalists paint a picture,

Of nightmares against women who live in a dream.

Thinking they are equal.

Should be treated with respect.

Then time after time shown

they are lesser than a man.

Cannot make a decision,

not allowed to participate in social or

Political debates.

Stay at home remember your gender.


Paint me a dream of respect;

answer me- why can we not make

Family decisions.

Have custody of our children.

Work where we decide,who are you:_Male

Its time we arose,

and demanded our equality.

Take hold of our humanity.

Lets find a way to be part of you.

Weave a weft of (a people]dressed

and living as we desire.

Paint me a dream.

One where the stoning of

Sakineh mohammadi-Ashtiani.

Cannot, and will not happen.

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