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 Another Thirty Years

Sherrie, you are the love of my life,
Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife.


I am sitting here thinking about the past;
And about all the naysayer's that said it wouldn't last.
Instead of growing colder and distant with age;
Your smile still excites me, your eyes still engage.

Thirty four years have come and now gone;
Instead of looking back, now looking into our dawn.
In another thirty years, I see us on our front porch;
I look into your eyes, I'm still carrying that torch.

We gently rock as the sun sets, both you and I;
I have been blessed from on high, yet I never ask why.
Time has caressed you with dazzling glory and light;
I love just being with you, I could sit here all night.

Now I'm 88, and you a young and spry eighty-two;
But we're never too old for a little bill and coo.
Our marriage is stronger now than it has ever been;
We are not near the conclusion, we only now begin.

Each step into the new day with you by my side;
I forever see you as my beautiful blonde bride.
When our time here is over, shed for us no tears;
For we had a magical 34, plus another thirty years.


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