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How many people get taken by the street (in struggles we struggles we fall)

This poem isn't about me, right or wrong but the reality of everyday life of so many whom so desperately need help.

How many people get taken by the streets,
           the Devil's telling me
I can get to heaven for a fee
        while I'm battling in my mind
whether to commit this crime,
these hard decisions got me crying,
        but this is my reality
Sometimes I just want to fly away, I say
but the streets got my feet
so I can't get away...everyday I rise
        is another day I pray
because the struggles of the life
is making me pay...working my eyes overtime
If you haven't seen what I've seen
then let me throw you my eyes
You'll understand my prayers and understand my cries
Because sometimes desperation breaks us all
When reality gets real, we go when it calls
because we're all the same when we fall
    into poverty's crude treachery
How many of us get taken by the street,
Trouble planted under my feet...
because caring eyes are blind, strong voices too quiet
My stomach refuses to sleep, a brotha got to eat
but it's hard growing food out this government concrete,
     you see...somebody say government conspiracy
This is more about survival
     than glorifying crime,
I got things on my mind...
I'm just trying to survive...just trying to survive
Yesterday money's gone...tomorrow we repeat
It seems the sun struggles to shine on our black face
because we can hardly see the light
when the dark cover of poverty
keeps us buried in the night
So a brotha got to fight to stay alive
because the system's design to hold down the black race,
cruel hands slowing my pace
So I got to keep pushing
while my heart's still pumping,
Things look dark but better days are coming
          in this crazy maze
I'm delicated to this race...
It's every survivor's true glory
In struggles we live...In struggles we fall,
The poor man's anthem call...
This is my story

copyright 2010
Robert Anthony James

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How many people get taken by the street (in struggles we struggles we fall)