once upon a time

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Ten more years in Afghanistan Ms Gillard exclaims.
Why? We can’t and we won't accept another ten years.
Ms Gillard says 'I shall explain. We have to support our allies'.
Now Ms Gillard isn't heard saying 'Though they, like us are corrupt'.

And we Aussies accept without protest this claim of necessity
To let another ten years of attrition flow past
defending a land that is alien to us.
Twenty-seven of our young men died.
It was Twenty-one when this poem was first written.
Young men losing their lives to uphold this most heinous war.
We the Australian people are not wrong.

We listen with minds tired of rhetoric. Complaicancy, you ask.
We are told 'you must be strong and let us carry on'.
In ten more years how many more of our young
shall lie dead in this war of exhaustion?
Now is the time for all to exclaim 'NO'!

Desist or we shall resist with protests on the streets.
We will reclaim our young soldiers' lives.
Have you no shame? This war is not Aussie made.
We cannot and will not stay another ten years.

Climb down from the podium Ms Gillard.
Climb into a bushmaster and,go on patrol.
Fear the roadside bomb and sniper fire.
Then come back to camp and state
'fear not another ten years: After we're gone
what then Ms Gillard, will we be were we
truly belong, in the east. Western so called allies
long gone, and you an Aussie maid left alone

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