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Ugly As Sin

I remember the way the wind burned
When it rushed past my cheek,
Leaving small red rashes that I
Passed off as embarrassment.

It hurt to fall so far down,
Knowing there was no net to catch me,
But rather, a spider web to
Get tangled up in.

I was prey.
Struggle between sinew and sweat
To escape and be free.

And all I got was this lousy windburn,
And memories I can't shed away.
They serve me like levels in a game,
One more difficult than the next.

I awake to breathe in the sunlight,
Knowing my dreams are never as such.
They are cascades of turmoil,
Piling me down to the depths
Of some self-created hell.

I will swim in the lake of fire,
To grasp my meaning and wear it like
A broach or a fancy pendent.
It will mean little to others and will not shine
Like the morning sun.

But to mine eyes, they will sparkle like stars,
Crisp up in the tender black sky.
They will melt away the icicles forming
Around this black hole of a heart,
Until I am less cold than Jack Frost himself.

I look forward to the day when I need
No blankets to warm this adamantine soul.


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Ugly As Sin

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