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Gospel Truths

I find no problem really
in the belief in a supreme god,          
it's only the forms of its worship
that seem so rather odd.
Some preach love and understanding
and an adherence to its will,
but if others' worship differently
there's such a readiness to kill.

And the promise of eternal bliss
to those so willing to die
while slaughtering innocents
seems to be just a little wry;
there is one merciful god
these strange believers say
but we'll blow your brains out
if you don't worship it our way.

Surely any self respecting deity
would treat with contempt and disdain
those many acts of violence nominally
carried out in its cause and name.
Some say god may not be dead, but,
perhaps it doesn't think it worth
being held responsible for
the mindless violence on this earth.

So it's gone to pasture new maybe.
Gone wandering the creation at large
leaving the asylum with the lunatics
maybe temporarily in charge,
perhaps to return again
when, if after all else fails
they'll have killed enough maybe
for a sanity to finally prevail.

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Gospel Truths