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Shadowed Soul

Shadows weave a tattered pattern on the wall,
As deep in my soul, the night winds call.
Slices of pure darkness, shredded and torn,
One life dies as another is born.

Child of light, now twisted and trasmuted;
Soul born of decay, in blackest evil rooted.
I am an anathema to all that live;
My heart to horror I willingly give.

Fear and terror ride ever beside,
While doom and despair constantly guide.
Forging a path of shattered hopes and dreams,
To list my dark deeds would fill many reams.

No longer bound by life's endless laws,
No longer to champion its noble cause.
Preying on the weak and foolish of mind,
Those who stray from the flock of their kind.

Meat and drink to slake my burning thirst,
How I once railed and thought myself accursed.
Guilt and regret are emotions of the past,
Useless burdens I long ago outcast.

Resigned at last to my noxious, unending fate;
Drained now of anger, devoid now of hate.
Fangs glisten wetly as my lips twist in a smile;
Thoughts of mayhem spiced with inhuman guile.

Live your fleeting, petty lives while you may,
Think your foolish thoughts as you wander through the day.
Yet when darkness deepens and pallid light wanes,
Forget not what lurks in shadows, or in blackness reigns.

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Small Witch

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