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The Pain of Parenthood

Here we sit upon our pity...painful dreams
The future seems so witty
      except these constant streams
  pouring down my face- oh what a giant
Why is beauty so ugly in the eyes of trials?
We have lowered our expectations
      to raise the child,
A child of shameless ways, selfish increase
Beauty looked into the mirror
      and saw her little beast
       scream for days, in defiance
Somebody please take these ancient tears
and give me back my wide-eyed youthful years
      of promise and prosperity- I need some relieve
I can't believe this little beast came from me
Take me from this circus ring
The little devil just showed it's teeth
     through the misty hot steam
To to love till death
You have my take my health
since you've dried away my youthful springs
      and turned heaven into hell
All my expectations for you just fell in grief
Sometimes the joys
don't outweigh the sorrow it seems- you thief
      but strength is built
in the patience of lonely streams,
And with it I find a little peace

Copyrights 2010
Robert Anthony James

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The Pain of Parenthood