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''EVERTHING'' Pictures, Images and Photos

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                      I'm flying there tomorrow and I'm scared as can be
                      But my Milt is happily awaiting this visit you see.
                      Please God help me to keep back the tears
                      I'm trying so hard to hide all my fears.

                      I smile and I'm cheerful
                      I'm so good at this play
                      I never know if he'll make it
                      Through another day.

                      Milt is always so brave and so kind
                      He's been my rock, and here I am, losing my mind
                      So dear God, grant me the courage to again greet
                      My love, my best friend
                      Who is so very sweet.

                      Our years together that had been filled
                      With so much joy and laughter
                      Sadly will not end in
                      "They lived happily ever after."
     Milt suffers from Parkinson's Disease, atrial fibrillation, kidney problems
     (he's now on dialysis) and unstable blood pressure that can suddenly descend
     to such dangerous levels that he loses consciousness. He needs to be cared for
     twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. During World War II, Milt was
     awarded a Bronze Star for his courage on the battlefield. He saved an
     injured man's life, while risking his own. He is displaying the same bravery
     now by joking with, and comforting, all who are around him. He sleeps a lot, but  
     I know that he will, as always, stay awake so that he can hold my hand, smile
     at me, and say "I love you, pretty girl."    
        P.S. Today, a cardiologist told my son Ronnie that his arteries are blocked, and
     that he's too much of a risk for bypass surgery, but there's a new procedure that
     will be less risky. May God help him, Ronnie continues to smoke. Maybe Milt can teach
     me again how to be brave. I'm not doing too well, but I know that Milt will console
     both Ronnie, me, and the rest of my family, as he's always done. (I'll never forget
     the day, eight years ago, when Ronnie was in a coma a few weeks before his liver
     transplant. When I stepped outside of Ronnie's room, I found Milt sitting in the
     hallway with his head in his hands. He was crying, and a social worker was comforting
                                                 November 2, 2010
My brave soldier Pictures, Images and Photos

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