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Trusting with a whole heart; holding nothing back;
Looking up to me for an answer, I don't know jack.
I fumble and stall, hoping for some divine inspiration;
Just to make something up, that is the temptation.
My grandson looks up to me with those inquiring eyes;
With his childlike face, I could never tell him any lies.

I sit down in my chair, pull him onto my lap, sip my tea;
I clear my throat, still buying time, as he looks at me.
"Pawpaw… Why?"  He asks me again… I simply grin;
Though he is young, he deserves an answer, so I begin.
With an open heart I speak to him of life and of love;
He watches me with childlike trust, innocent as a dove.

Unfolding in my words are the simple truths of his life;
Explained in a manner that has him not recoiling in strife.
My words flow with love and gentleness to his waiting ears;
All the while, rolling down my cheeks are several tears.
When I finish speaking, he sits quietly for a short while;
With childlike wisdom, he says "Thanks, Pawpaw." I smile.


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