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In life we all will face the loss of a loved one
Whether they are young and died before their time
Or whether they were very old and had a full life

Each person will face it at one time or another
As we all die sometime that is how life works
We never want to face that fact, but it is true

And when we do have to deal with it someday
We will have to deal with it in our own way
No one can tell you how you should handle it

Although some will try to offer words of advice
They'll say things like be brave or to be strong
They are better off now they feel no more pain

While these all might be true statements of fact
The loved ones left behind don't want to hear it
They are the only ones who know how they feel

Although friends and relatives try to help
Only the person who suffered the loss knows
The deep pain left in their heart and soul

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

Dedicated to anyone who has lost a very close loved one, I pray
that God will ease your pain and suffering you are dealing with
and that you'll somehow in the near future find peace once more
in your life, though I know very well just how hard that is to
find and have had to take that journey several times in my own

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