Rough Justice

Rough Justice

I got mugged in Munchengladbach.
Honestly, straight up and down
I got whacked across the ear
in a back street in the town,
and my one time boozing mate
was having it off on his toes
with my wallet in his hand,
you know how these things go.

He'd said he knew a bar full of hordes of birds
and me being young and daft liked what I heard.
So off we go and he says you got plenty of money
where we're going mate you'll need it for the honey,
and even dafter me then  had my wallet in my hand,
just what sly old him had just  sort of planned.

So he's running down the road, not got very far
and I'm legging after him so he hides behind a car.

Anyway, long story short, teach you a lesson mate
I nicked some cash from his wallet to even the slate.
in  my place it's what any squaddie would have done,
then he's upon his toes and away at the run,
and me and the lads drank to his health
with what bit I  took of his ill gained wealth.

I didn't take it all of course,
just enough to buy us a round
and maybe teach the guy
not to mess  squaddies around.
I got mugged in Munchenglabach
but it had a happy end
though perhaps not so happy
for my one time boozing friend.

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Rough Justice

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