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 Johnnie was his name

Johnnie and I, we've been together
since he was born…you see!
He's my only son and what
a wonderful son he's been to me.

He's brought nothing but sunshine
into my life, and never once did he
cause me conflict or strife.

A boy of four, he loved cats,
dogs and the little magic dragon,
which came no more.

While camping at Carter's Lake.
sunshine, laughter and kids play,
swimming holes, fishing poles
and the joy of each summer day.

Father, son and best friends
we were before and after each
candled cake.

Time quickly passed and a fine
young man he became at last
and I loved him so, no matter
how much time may pass.

God given talent, one of the best,
hands of an artist he did possess.
Objects of art that time will test.

At 51, Johnnie fell seriously ill
and one dark day a gossamer
winged Angel came and took
my Johnnie away.

Now he is gone and my aging
heart aches, but I shall love
him more each and everyday!

He was my son,
My best friend
and my confidante.

He was my image
and I, his mirror.
I shall mourn him
forever more.

I will eternally love him and
his young spirit will always
be at my side.
He will never be forgotten
for you see…
Johnnie will forever be
my son!

Jackie R. Kays        
(Father of the best son any man could ever have!)

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