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The Great Tsunami Of Our Growing Grief written 3/2.2021--retitled 3/14/2021

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Words Being Yours...Until The Grave 4/23/2022

Summer Storms / Electric Monsters

Your Candle Burning In the Wind

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Great Big Waterproof World

John had a great big
waterproof world to rely on.
Gone were the waves
and the Ocean and the Sea.
Had no more reason
to put his coat and boots on.
Gone were the people
thus the problems
he was free.
No more words to bully
but, no more shoulders to cry on.
John had a great big
waterproof world to rely on.  

Meloo/ Melissa A. Howells Tilt-A-World
Copyright November 23rd 2010 All Right Reserved
Welcome to our Brave New World, John, though waterproof it is not.

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