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it was a whirlwind affair
hot blood rushing to the head
wild groping journeys
up the stairs to a bed
where he would grab her clothes
as she undressed him there
and he took her roughly
but she just didn't care
just reacted to his thrusting
with loud moans and screams
as they enjoyed the type of sex
only experienced in dreams

they would lie together for hours
exploring their lust and desire
the attraction so much it seemed
neither would ever tire
each well aware they must enjoy
every moment that passed
both knew each meeting
could well be their last
they would dress slowly
picking clothes up from the floor
enjoy a long sweet cuddle
before parting at the door

when both would return
to their everyday life
he a sex starved husband
she a frustrated wife
they would think of each other
dream of some way
they could be together
for another special day
they would nod politely
if they chanced to meet
and each go their way
down the busy daytime street

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