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 "Johnnie, I love you too!"

Where are the words to describe my agony?
Where is the comfort in the words to stop my despair?
Where is the time that will halt my loneliness?

There is no word; there is no comfort
and time will not stop the agony!
Loneliness, despair and agony,
that's all that is left of my broken

He was the sunshine of my life,
the very essence of my soul.
He was of my flesh and blood.
He was my only son.

The angel of death has taken
him from me in the prime of
his life.

A river of tears will not bring him back.
All I have left are sweet memories of
my curly, blond haired, blue eyed boy,
kissing me on the check every night
and saying; “Daddy, I love you!”

I would smile and reply;
“Johnnie, I love you too.”

Only God, knows how
much I love and miss him.

“May his spirit soar with eagles!”
Jackie R. Kays
(In memory of my son, Johnnie)

 © 10/28/10

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