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Just thought I'd clear up a common misconceptions of late in this great country of ours,
we are all individuals who make up this country and we all have our own beliefs that we
follow in our own lives here in America. Please respect each individuals rights here to
believe in whatever religious beliefs that they choose to follow for themselves & their
families. Please do not try to tell others who or what they can or can't believe in for
themselves personally, it is their right to choose under our nation's Bill of Rights. I
will believe in what I choose to believe in and I respect your right to believe in what
or who you choose to believe in as well!

It was okay for me to enlist and serve my country and our allies
it was okay with everyone too if I had died protecting their own
freedoms and rights in any battles or engagements defending their
freedom and rights. But now 47years later I'm told by some people
that when I express my own personal feelings or views of my own
beliefs, that I'm politically incorrect for having stated that I
believe that December 25TH should be called Merry Christmas since
it is the birth of JESUS CHRIST and that is why we celebrate his
birthday along with millions of other Christians around the world.
I have never said or made any type of suggestions regarding their
celebrating their own personal beliefs or their Happy Holiday on
their own holidays which corresponded to a belief that they have
or that they celebrate. I have only stated what my beliefs were
and that the holiday I celebrate is the birth of JESUS CHRIST in
which we Christians call Christmas and that my own greeting that
I say is MERRY CHRISTMAS to celebrate CHRISTMAS with a capital C
instead of Happy Holidays. So please give me the same rights as
everyone else to celebrate their own beliefs and holidays in the
manner that is right and in accordance with their own beliefs. I
was born and raised in the United States of America and we have
many different ethnic and religious beliefs in our country as we
have the freedom & right to choose who and what we believe in and
we're part of here in America, now some seem to feel I shouldn't
be allowed to have these same rights that they expect and want in
their own lives and celebrate my own beliefs under the freedom we
have in America. We must all respect each others freedom to decide
what is best for each and every citizen here in America, that's why
I served my country and fought in Vietnam when our Allies asked for
help defending their nations freedom and beliefs that they had
chose for themselves and their nation's citizens, now some tell me
I can't believe in CHRIST and Christmas without offending those in
our country who have differing views and beliefs, I never once at
all in my poems have stated that others couldn't believe in their
own beliefs or values that they believe in, so why tell me that if
I choose to believe in CHRIST and in my Christian values and in my
own beliefs that I am politically incorrect and telling me that I
am trying to deprive others of their own beliefs and holidays that
they choose to believe in and celebrate. I fought for mine, yours &
everyone else's freedom both here and in Vietnam, so please do not  
tell me that I'm politically incorrect for believing and saying it
is Christmas with a capital C that I believe in for me and my own
family, You go right ahead and believe in whoever and whatever is
right for you and your family.   Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior

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