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This Chicken...

this chicken died for you
now don't look at me like that
you know its true.
she lived crowded in a crib
of constant light
and starless night
no room to stretch her wings.
her breast grown monstrously large
in forty-five unhealthy days.
this chicken died for you
and didn't have room to scratch or crawl
or roost.
and in the end she hung upside down by her feet,
gutted, bleeding with her hapless friends
hanging from an assembly-line noose.
you can enjoy your meal now,
I will try to enjoy mine too.
and for breakfast there
will be fried eggs and omelets...
is this new subject distracting too?...
by the way, yes, by the way...
in case you've forgotten,
this chicken died for you.

I'm thinking of Professor Charles Magel when I write this and the book Animal Liberation, and
the radical thinker Pete Singer, and of course Albert Schweitzer who believed in the sanctity
of all life. Charles Magel was a t-bone steak eating, stock market, futures kinda guy who's life
and thinking were transformed after reading about wonderful Doctor Albert S. He stopped eating
meat, wearing leather, got rid of his fancy car and drove an old style truck a la Waltons...
went back to college until he earned his PHD in Philosophy and then taught at Moorhead State
University. He loved dried pears, beer, the Rolling Stones, Mozart and The Suburbs a band
out of Minneapolis. Every time they came into our little college berg of a town, he was there
drinking beer with the rest of us...though he was in his sixties. It was a true privilege
to know him and to take a class from him.

Meloo/Melissa A Howells Tilt-a-World Copyright December 1 2010.

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