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  Jarasel Bladesong

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 Loved Ones Departed

Why do we lose the ones that we love,
I cried out in grief to the heavens above.
Why do those dearest to our heart,
Always seem to be the first to depart?

I struggled with these questions by night and day,
Until at some leangth, I knelt to pray.
Oh Lord, why must we suffer in this way?
How much more must our poor hearts pay?

The Lord wrapped me in his sheltering wings,
And gently reminded me of just a few things.
My dear child, he said, how little you see
Of future events, and what is to be.

When I sent my son to die on the cross,
Do you think I did not suffer a loss?
I know well your pain, and how your heart bleeds,
Just as I know how to supply all your needs.

I knew and loved you before you were born.
I will be with you, be not forlorn.
Your loved one is not dead, but living with me.
They walk streets of gold, they laugh happily.

Fear not for them, their trials are o'er.
They are home at last, they wander no more.
Fix your gaze on your own path, dear one,
That you may join us, and reign with my Son.

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