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Smother The Thoughts


I sit by the window, my notebook to hand,
I smother the words I can't understand,
The night it is blackened, the moon it is round,
The night it is fallen, the moon makes no sound,

I sit by the window, my thoughts all my own,
I have come a long way; a long way from home,
But it's nice where I'm sitting,
I reflect on the day,
The miles that I travelled,
The sights on the way,

I stare at the moon as it rests on the sea,
My dreams and my wishes bring you here with me,
And into the distance,
I gaze at the scene,
And I ponder the thought,

Is this merely a dream?

I scribble some words that collapse on the lines,
And there's news from the mainland,
The weather is fine,
My silence is broken, there's rain on the roof,
The night, it has fallen,
The moon is aloof,

The water is still; still, dark and deep,
The light from the moon has a secret to keep,
As I sit by the window, my notebook to hand,
I just smother the thoughts that I can't understand.

Linda S. Harnett @ 2010.

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Smother The Thoughts