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I was walking, and I saw a familiar face
Out of curiosity I picked up my pace
I stopped and looked out the corner of my eye
I was in a state of shock as you walked by
Another place, another time crossed my mind
I went down memory lane, this was not the time
I was troubled, I did not know what to do
I started running to keep up with you
I heard a voice calling out my name
A voice from the past, when I was full of game
Looking up, I saw a familiar pretty face
Taking me back in time to a shared space
I smiled, you smiled, and we hugged real tight
bringing up visions of many a night
I take your hand, we began to walk
We found a seat, and we sat down and talk
As we looked at each other, we began to stare
Thinking of times we loved, and we once cared
The love we had tortured my soul
I want to get next to you, and we lose control
I want to have sex in every position we can
Make me scream your name, show me you are the man
I will kiss you from bottom to the top
I will tease you, and make your body hot
To look up and into your eyes
To stroke your mind as our passion rise
The music is playing a slow sweet  melody
I surrender, as you make mad passionate love to me.
as I make sweet slow passionate love to you,
touching all the places  you want me to.
your lips,, your breast, your stomach and your core,
i give them all attention, till you hiss for more.
slowly,,,we unite as two becoming one again
bodies slapping,  passionate heated sweaty skin
lips and tongues entwined like slithering mating snake,
grunting and sighing like heated people seem to make.
Bodies stiffen,,, fingers clinch and grip skin,
its about that time,, for the  bodies to  give in.
one last stoke,and all is given up  right then,,
and we are truly,,, Reunited again.

Written by: LLLee and blkstallyun(c)2010

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