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The Search

Yes, sometimes we hurt...
looking through the hot summer nights
         and misty winter steam
searching for childhood dreams
         to heal our ailing beams in this distressful land
But time is an unfaithful friend in this plight
Our ambitions struck in endless blight...
Our stories flowing down endless streams
Until the grains of life are shaken through our hands,
         stopping and digging up our plans,
         scattering them in the seas of the sand
Taking away the light, it seems
Gripping us ever so tight
Our eyes fall and rise
from things in our youth we now despise
while separating the truth from the lies
         and trying to do what's right
The seasons appear in all our eyes
         like a beam- but why?
Either burning or freezing our cries
         in an unchangeable misery
The chronicles of time refuses to set us free
         and the past will not die
         from our history...
We continue the search

copyrights 2010
Robert Anthony James

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The Search