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Life Story # 2

You pass by as he lies there under the park bench
There alcohol and the vomit emits such a stench
How did he get there, how long has it been
Will he awake from yet another drinking binge
To him it is a way of life, to you it is a shame
What a drunk, what a bum, this guy is so lame
Just because his wife left him, and didn't give a clue
Run off with another man, and took the children too
He came home from work one day and all their things were gone
No more son, no more daughter, not even a so-long
First came the panic, then came the fear
Next came the broken heart accompanied with tears
The questions came in bundles. Where did he go wrong
He was loving, he was kind, and he always came straight home
No he wasn't perfect, but he did the best he could
They had a lot of needs, but he thought she understood
He never saw it coming so it hit him like a brick
The depression overwhelmed him so much it made he sick
He tried and tried to find them, but they could not be found
So he made friend with the bottle because no one else came around
He drank to help the pain, he drank to ease his mind
Now he drinks to forget that day and leave his past behind
At one time he liked his chances, he felt petty good
But he was put in a position in which he never understood
He just can't handle it, can't face another day
So instead of dealing with the pain he just drinks his life away
Could you even imagine? What ever would you do
Before you rush to judgment, what if this was you
J. Moore

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Life Story # 2