Walkin on Air

Will they meet again?

Seeking high, seeking low
follow the spirit of yonder crow:
yet death clasps in cold cuddles
unforgotten potential,
searing pain of anonymous
vacuum assails an' befuddles
his heart.

Whither has she flown,
her journey leads someplace?
Might he track her beyond
life itself?
Wisdom is worthy of her children?

Old ‘silver chord canoe'
in silence charges obedience
as fee for ferry float
athwart obscurity's water;

apart is an art
vanquishing obstacles ‘n trials:
no duality = singularity
is the quotient
until the shores of life-forces
allow once again unity
for those called
the Master of Life.

Peace returned;
battered passions
no longer mourn to scorn
knowing well
love conquers hell
and meet they shall
once more
on life forces shore…

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Will they meet again?

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