Walkin on Air


Faint rumbles reverberate
through the dense forest,
deep and sonorous sounds
decapitate courage;
vicious is too kind a word
to describe
the horrific beast emerging
as branches snap and tree trunks crash…

The red blood moon eclipses the sun,
death stirs enticingly,
the way of many races
lead nowhere but the abyss;
deafening silence suddenly prevails.

Sweet tingles and stardust precipitate
softening the evil heart.

“Oh to be loved! I want to be loved!
Yet, I cannot love; I hate love and want love.”
Insidious heartcry of the unrepentant Dragon
obscured by thousands and thousands fairy wings
fluttering flattery to coax back to sleep
the devourer of stray sheep.

Cavorting throes of lovelight spasms:
dainty creature small
provoke to joust with orgasms
silkily clad  to enthrall;

Whither shall they fly away?
Whence have they come?
Underground in hills or rocks,
in wells or a spring
the Elven people of bright light
defeat to dragons bring.

“Who are they?' stuttered I
“What shall to them be said?”
“Dina! Be silent! Ed' i'ear ar' elenea!
By the sea and stars!
Tula sinome, nurta; come here and hide.”
The fairy sang to me,
“Knights of the Eternal Flame,
Ohtar en Oionaaru is who.”

The beast sighed and sank contended
into ferny brush and moss
appeased by gentle winds of wings
and fairy magic dust;

“A mighty warrior are you,
Lle naa belegohtar!
Cuamin linduva yassen megrille,
My bow shall sing with your sword!
Faith has overcome the beast,
peace shall suckle fantasy's breast;
dream on my Valiant one: Astalder!”

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