Walkin on Air

The Garden Fountain

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
Enter the garden of my heart
whence living waters flow:
singing flowers
on their part
by its crystal river grow.

Here love an' ardour flourish
true, free,
untouched by passing time;
promise of what'll be
into peace and trust sublime.

Soft music plays sweet
chaste children join the game
void of guile an' apathy:
comfort heals, mercy
restores the halt and lame.                                            

Friends with foes
what to share,
sunshine on good an' bad?
How to know how to care
hearts grow cold or madů

Overcome tests an' trials,
endure illusion's strife:
walk with me
the extra mile,
let's eat from the tree of life.

Together we're not far apart
by the  garden fountain
of my heart.

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The Garden Fountain

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